Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hairsplitting... much do they weigh?

Okay, I've already gotten the question:    How much do they weigh?

So, I weighed a few skis this morning.

Madshus RedLine Intelligrip 205cm with Rottefella Move system and Xcelerator bindings - 1421g.
Madshus Nanosonic IGC 205cm with Xcelerator bindings - 1374g.
Atomic C9 Redster Skintec 202cm with ProLink bindings - 1402g.

The Move knob weighs a bit.    All three of these skis perform really well and feel like a real race ski on your feet.    Each a little different, but all are very good. 

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Ada Parramore said...

Judging from my experience, I recommend to Improve Yourself and buy these skis. They are definitely like races ones but simple as well.