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When to Stone Grind Skis

When to Stone Grind Skis

Skis are subject to damage every time you ski on them or wax them, or just leave them sitting around; it really is a no-win situation.   Abrasive skiing conditions, heat from wax irons, and exposure to air all cause degradation to your ski bases.    The performance of your skis is greatly affected by the condition of the P-Tex, and the surface condition of your skis.
The Mantec grinder at Nordic Ultratune.

If your skis have base damage, they can be improved with a fresh grind.   Any of these symptoms can be remedied with a new base finish from Nordic Ultratune:
  • Surface scratches
  • Over-heated, oxidized, dried out
  • Skis won’t hold wax
  • No longer flat – convex or concave
  • No structure remaining
  • Skis just aren’t fast like they used to be…

In addition, you can choose the base structure that you need – whether it’s an all-around structure for your one-and-only pair of skis, or a special purpose grind for specific snow conditions.

Why Grind New Skis?
The bases of new skis are better than they’ve ever been in the past!   However, your new skis have probably been sitting in a warehouse for the better part of a year.    Occasionally new skis have dried-out, oxidized base material before you ever ski on them.  It’s also common for new skis to have a very aggressive structure on the base which is slow for all but wet or icy conditions.    Sometimes new skis have scratches and often brand-new skis aren’t perfectly flat.   

Here are some conditions that you may find on new skis that can be improved with a fresh base finish from Nordic Ultratune:

  • Oxidized or dried-out bases
  • Convex or concave areas on the ski base
  • Structure that’s too aggressive
  • Surface scratches
  • Some new skis don’t hold wax well

With a new base finish from Ultratune, you choose the base structure you need, and get great glide right from the start.

The Ultratune Process

The dry outermost layer of P-Tex is removed by hand with a diamond-sharpened cobalt steel scraper

Flattening: Each ski is processed through the Mantec Stone Grinder programmed to “blank” the ski and inspected after each pass until it is flat and uniform.   This is typically 2 to 4 passes through the Mantec grinder, depending on the condition of your ski.  This makes a very smooth surface upon which to create the final base structure

Structure:  The stone grinding wheel is programmed for your base structure, and the ski is passed through the machine to apply the base finish that you have selected.  In the case of multi-part grinds, the Mantec grinding wheel has to be re-dressed between each stage of the process.   

Chemical-cleaning: To prepare the ski for waxing, the ski bases are hand cleaned with a chemical cleaner to remove any emulsion or microscopic particles of P-Tex remaining on the ski after grinding

Wax:  All skis get a coat of a warm penetrating base conditioning wax.   

Hot-Box Wax Service:  A generous layer of a penetrating warm wax is coated onto the ski and the skis are placed in the hot-box for 90 minutes to 4 hours

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