Monday, November 28, 2016

Brown Ground Brings Me Down

I'm always quick to post shots of early season snow, almost to the point of gloating.   Guilty.  

So I feel like it's my duty to confess to a sad state of (almost) brown ground here in town.   Winthrop and Mazama are looking a little dreary.

The past couple years we've been graced with abundant early snow, but right now I'm looking out the window at maybe 1/2 inch of white.   Not even enough to hide the brown frozen mud beneath it.

The weather forecasters let us down last week!    Forecasts of snow and more snow were a total dud, with temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than planned and we got nothing but rain and more rain.  It would be easy to blame it on Cliff Mass, but he's just the weatherman...

As I've been telling folks who have been walking into Ultratune in search of some reassurance and "low snow support", right now we aren't really late for snow (by historical measure) but we're definitely not early either.

The beautiful snow up at Washington Pass is unaccessible now, with the highway closed for the winter.     We are definitely at the end of the road for the next few months!

Meanwhile new skis are getting prepped and sent out the door (or picked up in the shop), and stone grinding continues.  

The stoke is high for winter, but the trails aren't open here in town just yet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should write a song

Brown Ground Brings me down
but snow flakes spready all around
bring me up and smiling wide
and ready to get up and go outside

down the perfect slope I go
and where I stop I do not know
except to ride up top again
and again and again and again