Sunday, November 1, 2015

Snow in the Methow Valley high country.

View of Goat Pk, which sits directly above the tiny berg of Mazama WA,
on Nov 1st.
November 1st.   Snow in the mountains last night!

With two feet of snow at Washington Pass, it means there will be the first early season "rock skiing" starting Nov 1, with a groomed loop.

Snow is ringing the Methow Valley up at about 4000 ft. this morning.  From Blue Buck Pk, Lucky Jim Bluff, Goat Pk, and all of the western skyline.     It's beautiful!

Also, Nov 1st is the end of daylight savings time.    Around here, in the Methow Valley, it means it will now be dark at about 5 p.m.     

So get after it early, and don't forget reflective vests and lights if you're on the roads and trails after work this week.

Grinding Season is On

It's a good time to get your skis in for pre-season service work.

Precision grinding with the
Mantec Skinumericontrol 140
Before things get cold and snowy, you might want to get those skis in for a grind.   Whether it's a good pair of racing boards that need to be brought back to their best form after a season of waxing hot with powders and cold waxes, or a pair of skis with some nasty scratches that need to be cleaned up, it's a perfect time to get them serviced.

Pre-season service on your skis has the advantage of not being quite so time sensitive for you.   There is still plenty of time to get skis tuned up before the Thanksgiving trips to Silverstar or West Yellowstone.

Nordic Ultratune uses a six step process to assure that you get skis that are well prepared and ready to race.

So check out the grind menu, download a work order form, ship your skis, and then you can relax through the summer knowing that you're a step ahead of the game on preparing for next season.

Hand Selected New Skis from Nordic Ultratune

Nov 1, 2015
Are you looking for new skis to go along with your desire for improved performance? It doesn't matter what level of skier you are. We all want to hit the trails with skis and a grind & wax that are going to give us the best experience. Nordic Ultratune offers skis and world class grinds that help you achieve your best. Yes, we continue to offer our custom ski program tailored just for you this 2015-16 season.

Get the skis you want, selected just for you, from the best possible selection. Check out our available new skis from Atomic, Madshus, and Rossignol on our website!

I work closely with the ski companies, knowledgeable World Cup skiers, coaches and servicemen to get the best possible information on ski fitting for each brand and model that Ultratune sells.

All skis are selected using the Ultratune Digital Flex Press in our shop. Whether you choose a ski from Atomic, Madshus or Rossignol, you'll get a well-fitted ski with a fast base finish that will result in great performance.  Email for info or with any questions!

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