Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wildfires in North Central Washington

You might have heard that there has been a big wildfire here in North Central Washington, including the Methow Valley.  

The Okanogan Complex - the name given to a group of about 5 fires in the region - has burned over 400 square miles (260,000 acres).  

The Twisp River fire, part of the Okanogan Complex, started and grew rapidly last Wednesday, and led to evacuation of our community.   Lives were lost.   Homes were destroyed.   Tragic.

The worst seems to be past, but we are still at Level 2 alert ("be ready to leave at a moment's notice").  The towns of Winthrop and Twisp and Mazama are back up and running and most residents have returned home and also back to work.

Everyone is helping friends and strangers alike.    We'll get through it; that's what we do in the Methow Valley.

The air here is still smoky (smells like bacon!).    There are over 1000 fire fighters here in the area fighting the fire and getting things under control .    Helicopters, water bomber airplanes, a DC10 dropping retardant.   Hundreds of wild land fire vehicles.

Power is on at Ultratune.   Email is working.   The web site is up and running.  The phone works.      No damage at the shop, and everything is fine.

There's nothing like hot, dry, smoky weather to make you dream of skiing!

If you've got skis that need service, send them any time.   FedEx & UPS are delivering, and I'm back in the shop catching up on grinding!