Friday, November 21, 2014

Casey's on the case. Doing more in Canmore.

Casey Smith is in Canmore preparing for a full season on the Biathlon circuit in North America and Europe.

This morning I got this note from Casey:
Hey Mark
Training in Canmore has been great so far. Skis are awesome. I finally got them all skied in and they are feeling good. Haven't done any specific testing but the RDGs were running super well the other day when it was about -5c and sunny. Next week ill do some more specific testing for the races and can let you know how things run.


Casey in on the USBA National B Team, and is affiliated with Maine Winter Sports Center, though the locals here in the Methow Valley will always consider him a homey.   He skis on Madshus skis and boots.

Casey has the gear geek gene that seems to go with biathlon, and he does a really good job of taking care of his Madshus boards, and also seems to have good objectivity when it comes to evaluating skis and ski testing.     

You can follow Casey on his blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kelsey's in Canmore

Kelsey Dickinson and a few freshly prepared skis.
Ready to start the racing season!
The biathletes have been training and racing in Canmore in the past couple weeks.    

I got a short note and photo from Kelsey Dickinson yesterday, thanking me for speeding up her skis.    A great photo...    

Kelsey is in the USBA Development Group as well as a skier for the College of St Scholastica.      You can keep up with Kelsey at her blog.

To handle the first half of the season, Kelsey chose the XC02, RDG, and R214 grinds from Ultratune.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Schedule

Franz Goering
Photo:  Atomic Skis, GEPA/Felix Roittner

Thanksgiving is coming up. Here's an update on the schedule for Nordic Ultratune.

The shop will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 27th. Skis that arrive on Wednesday or earlier will still be in the normal stone grinding batch to be shipped out on Monday Dec 1st.

Nordic Ultratune is closed every week on Tues/Wed, and the Thanksgiving week is the same -- this means I'll get 3 days off! (no worries, FedEx and UPS deliver even when the shop is closed).   Of course, the shop is open every weekend, too, so if you're in town drop in and say hello.

To repeat - the stone grinding schedule carries on without interruption. Nordic Ultratune places a big emphasis on getting skis serviced and returned in the shortest time possible.

Here's what the stone grinding schedule looks like for the next few weeks:
  • Skis in by Nov 26th will ship out on Dec 1st.
  • Skis in by Dec 4th will ship out on Dec 8th and arrive to you by Dec 11th
  • Skis arriving by Dec 11th will ship back out on Dec 15th
 There is plenty of time to get a fast stone grind on your cross country skis before the season really gets moving!     Why wait? here for workorder form download.

Hand Selected New Skis from Nordic Ultratune

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All skis are selected using the Ultratune Digital Flex Press in our shop. Whether you choose a ski from Atomic, Madshus or Rossignol, you'll get a well-fitted ski with a fast base finish that will result in great performance.  Email for info or with any questions!