Friday, February 21, 2014

NIS Binding Plate Retrofit for Flat Top Skis

NIS Plates retrofitted to Atomic World Cup ST skate skis
(updated 2/28 with weight info)
For several years I've been wondering when someone would market a retrofittable NIS binding plate that can be used on flat-top skis (like Atomic, Salomon, and some Fischer, and roller skis too).   Rottefella has done it for the 2014/15 season.    Here's a look.

Top view: the front section.

I received a set of these NIS retrofit plates by FedEx today and mounted them on a set of Atomic World Cup ST skate skis right away.     All season I've been telling people that the new camber and improved mold regulation, has delivered for Atomic the best skate ski I've ever seen from them.    I've told people that the new Atomic is a GREAT skate ski, but that it would be even better with the fore/aft adjustability afforded by the NIS binding plate.      Well, thanks to the new NIS plate that screws down to the flat top skis, the Atomic skate skis are even better.

The NIS plate screws down with a heel plate (2 screws) and a main plate (6 screws).   The main binding plate will allow three position adjustability, with each position separated by 1.0 cm.   This compares to the current "bonded to the deck" NIS plate that has 7 positions separated by 5 mm.

Tech Specs.   Courtesy of Rottefella
The main binding plate seems to be slightly pre-stressed (i.e. slightly curved) to ensure that the fore and aft parts sit snug to the deck when it is screwed down to the ski.     Installation would be simpler with a specific mounting jig, but the sets of screws are at the same width as standard NNN and Salomon bindings, so at least the pairs of screws can be drilled easily.    A bit of careful measuring is needed to assure that the two front pairs are 40mm apart, but it's not a huge hassle (measure twice, drill once, right?).
Very visible in pink.   But production pieces will be black.

Heel plate is separate.
These new retrofittable NIS plates will be useful for anyone using NNN compatible boots who is also using flat deck skis (i.e. Atomic, Salomon).    The fore/aft adjustability is no joke.   Even if you just tweak the position once, and then leave it forever, it really can make a significant difference.    Also, skiers who swap around between wedges, and no wedges, will find this quick changeability to their liking.    It's a no-brainer for the brainiacs.

How does it compare, weight-wise, with the screwed-down R3 skate binding?  The R3 Skate binding (one) weighs 140g with screws (measured).  This new NIS binding adapter with screws weighs 60g (per foot), and the Xcelerator skate binding is 87g (each), making a total of 147g.  So the plate + Xcelerator weighs about 7g more (measured).

For certain these will be available in quantity by autumn (Ultratune has already ordered a bunch of them).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Just bought these plates with Rotefella Touring bindings to put on some Atomic motion x skis. Do you know of a guide for mounting these? Looking for spacing and drill bit specs. Thanks mike

Anonymous said...

is it possible to use an adhesive/glue, to attache these NIS mounting plates
to a flat top ski (salomon skis), rather than using the supplied 8 screws?
how are the NIS mounting plates attached to the skis, that come this way
from the factory?

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