Thursday, January 30, 2014

Prototype grind tests, and new product tests...

Factory matched test skis.
Here's a pic of a few of the test skis as they're ready to head out the door for testing.     New snow overnight means that I can try the recent prototypes on new snow to compare test results versus the old beat-up snow that's been on the ground the past couple weeks.    Right now there are 5 new prototypes in the bag along with 2 benchmarks for comparison.  

The test skis are factory matched skis that are treated identically except for the grinds.   Same wax, same flex, same camber.    It is the only way to compare grinds effectively - you have to remove all the variable but one, it's that simple.

Meanwhile, I opened a box from Madshus this morning and out popped a brand new pair of the 2015 Nanosonic skate boots in my size.   I'll be testing them in the coming days and let you know what I think.    You can see they're a different color (these are an update to the $424 Nano boot, and not the $$$ RedLine SuperNano boot), and a fit test tells me that they've got a little roomier toe-box than the current production Nano skater.     They've got the Xcelerator sole, too, which has a lower heel and a little different flex feel...      ...but let's wait until I get them on snow for a more thorough discussion, okay?

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