Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gregg + Gregg

Caitlin skied alone today.    Way, way, off the front.
Photo: Ian Harvey / Toko USA
A great day for the Greggs!  

Caitlin threw down some heavy skating and none of the other women could touch her.   She skated free to a 3:36 lead - over a kilometer ahead of 2nd place!  

Brian skied a big last lap and nearly caught Sylvan Ellefson, finishing less than 3 seconds back with a very clear and solid 2nd place for the 30km skate race.      Ellefson skied a great race for the win.

Brian & Caitlin didn't have any time for celebrating their day.     Brian called on the phone while on the way to the airport (no, he wasn't driving...);  he and Caitlin had a 5 o'clock flight to Europe to catch!  
Brian Gregg free skating in the 30K.
Photo:  Ian Harvey / Toko USA

Best luck to Brian & Caitlin in their upcoming World Cup starts.   And best luck in your quest for an Olympic start!

Brian & Caitlin are both skiing on Madshus skis and boots.


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