Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Snowy 2014...

Happy New Year 2014!
I'm wishing a Happy New Year to all the skiers out there!

May it be filled with above average snowfalls, and temps on the cool side.

I hope your skis stay off the rocks, and that you're always skiing a little better than expected.

And keep your skis tuned in 2014!  Ultratuned, of course...

Methow Valley Biathletes Excel at Jr Worlds Trials
Kelsey Dickinson Skiing big.
She's on a pair of Madshus RedLine
skate skis with the RDG grind.

Congrats to Methow Valley Biathlon's Paul Everett & Kelsey Dickinson for their selection to the Biathlon Jr Worlds Team and OEC in Czech.    Nicely done!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Let it Snow

fiddling with skis
We're having a little bit of a snow drought here in Washington state's Methow Valley.   There is less than normal snow on the ground and only 30km or so of groomed ski trails.

BUT, this morning the snow is falling!    That's very welcome.   The NOAA forecast says "2-4 inches".   Bring it.

Needless to say, new snow is always welcome for skiing.    But right now the new falling cold snow is perfect for testing new grind structures.    I've got a set of 8 pairs of Madshus Nanosonic skate skis that are specially manufactured as test skis, and right now they're prepped for testing some grind ideas that I've been fiddling with.  

It's a process that requires patience:  I can prepare the skis for certain conditions, but then I need to wait for the right snow conditions to test the structures properly.

Hand Selected New Skis from Nordic Ultratune

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All skis are selected using the Ultratune Digital Flex Press in our shop. Whether you choose a ski from Atomic, Madshus or Rossignol, you'll get a well-fitted ski with a fast base finish that will result in great performance.  Email for info or with any questions!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Casey Smith at IBU Trials

Casey Smith
Casey Smith finished 1st today, by 47 seconds, in the 2nd IBU Trials race at Mt Itasca, MN.   He shot clean (0,0).

Smith, a first year senior, also won the first IBU Cup Trials race on Saturday the 14th.   On Saturday, Smith reported that it was "Tough shooting, 3,1.   About 3f so cold, but not terrible."  Saturday's win was close - less than 2 seconds separated first and second place.

IBU Trials races are at Mt Itasca, MN.

He also said that his Madshus skis that tested best were with the XC02 grind, just a tad better than the RDG grind.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New T-shirts and Methow Valley skiing.

Okay, it's just a minor thing, but I ordered some new t-shirts for the shop. Some new artwork, and a very basic black. It'll be available in men's & women's sizes, too.

Meanwhile, more important stuff! We are finally skiing here in the Methow Valley. The snow arrived just before the really cold temperatures, ranging from below zero (F) to the single digits. Voila, instant winter!

So while we're all happy to be out skiing, dressing warm is as much a factor in the enjoyment as nailing the wax. Skiing is a winter sport though, so enjoy the cold!