Friday, November 22, 2013

The Donut Hole

Here in the Methow Valley we're stuck in a bit of a weather donut hole so far this season.

We're skunked for snow - not a flake on the ground - and none in the 7 day forecast.    That's not such great news, but it's miserable when you know that the whole region around us has good snow!    Three feet at Stevens Pass, great skiing at SilverStar...     Ouch!
Brian Gregg at West Yellowstone.    
I'm pretty sure he fell down.

But I'm confident that the snow will be here soon.      With overnight temps below 10 F the past couple nights, the recipe is pretty clear:   Just Add Snow!

Meanwhile, the crazy friends of Ultratune are sending reports of great skiing all over the place, including the best Thanksgiving skiing in a long, long time at West Yellowstone.   Thanks for the pics, folks, you're killing me!

While waiting for the snow, I'm keeping busy grinding skis and getting ready to prep a brand new set of test skis!

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