Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn Masters Biathlon Camp

Casey picking up a fresh grind at Ultratune
Join nationally ranked biathletes Casey Smith and Raleigh Goessling for a biathlon training camp at Colorado's Snow Mountain Ranch.

Date: October 18-19, 2014
Location: Snow Mountain Ranch, Granby, Colorado
Cost:  $300
Ages: 20+
Online Registration:

Equipment Needs:  Biathlon rifle, 500 rounds of ammunition, ski walking poles (i.e. downhill length ski poles), athletic footwear.

The purpose of this autumn dry-land biathlon training camp is to improve your biathlon skills while supporting biathletes Casey Smith and Raleigh Goessling.    Training sessions will focus on dry firing, live fire, training plans, visualization, dry land training and the individualized needs of masters biathletes.   Previous biathlon experience is required.

Space is limited so register early!   Contact Casey Smith.

Raleigh Goessling leads Casey Smith while sprinting for the title at Nationals.

Grinding Season is On

It's a good time to get your skis in for pre-season service work.

Precision grinding with the
Mantec Skinumericontrol 140
Before things get cold and snowy, you might want to get those skis in for a grind.   Whether it's a good pair of racing boards that need to be brought back to their best form after a season of waxing hot with powders and cold waxes, or a pair of skis with some nasty scratches that need to be cleaned up, it's a perfect time to get them serviced.

Pre-season service on your skis has the advantage of not being quite so time sensitive for YOU.   While the turn-around in the shop is normal, there isn't the looming presence of a big race to make a nervous time crunch for you.

Nordic Ultratune uses a six step process to assure that you get skis that are well prepared and ready to race.

So check out the grind menu, download a work order form, ship your skis, and then you can relax through the summer knowing that you're a step ahead of the game on preparing for next season.

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