Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SNS, NNN, NIS, Wedges, Plates

Why isn't someone making a wedge that will click onto a NIS plate, and which has threaded inserts for attaching a Pilot SNS bindings?

This seems simple enough.      It would allow fore/aft adjustment of the SNS binding, even if it might require removal of a few screws.

It's hard for me to believe that after 7 years of the NIS binding, and with the obvious and well documented advantages that it provides, that the Salomon folks still haven't brought to market a positionally adjustable binding or adapter.    

Wood screws to attach bindings?   Seriously?     I mean, furniture isn't even held together with wood screws anymore!

As a comparison, during that time period, cell/mobile technology has gone from a device that makes person-to-person voice calls to the iphone...


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Rottefella probably has some pretty strict patents that are applied to the NIS plate, and Salomon probably does not want to pay for the rights or Rottefella is making the rights so expensive it does not make sense for Salomon. It's just like the Salomon patent on ski pole grips that clip on and off. Salomon owns that patent and leki, Swix, and anyone else who wants to have a grip that uses a removable strap have to pay Salomon. It's never about the technology it's about the $$$MONEY$$$ Salomon engineers could make an adapter plate for the bindings to use the NIS plate in mere minutes.

Anonymous said...

sure seems like a reasonable question. have you asked Salomon?