Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedges for NIS?

Check out the FIS video from the Rossignol wax hut at the Tour de Ski.

Noteworthy is the presentation of wedges for NIS plates, used with skate skis.     Interesting stuff.

Of course, as long as someone is making adapters for NIS plates, why not make an adapter/wedge combo for Pilot bindings?        I guess it's asking too much to think that Salomon and Rottafella would cooperate so that the end user might benefit with a better product for everyone.

By the way, those Rossignol boots really are awesome.

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Luke S said...

When I was at Great Glen Trails in Gorham, NH last weekend, I actually discussed this with the guy working at the shop there. Apparently Salomon does have a wedge that goes under the Pilot bindings. They had it mounted on a couple pairs of demo skis and were offering to mount it on skis for $15.