Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ready for the racing to start

I've been in Whistler since Tuesday so this is my 6th day up at the race venue at Whistler Olympic Park.

The Olympics, compared with normal World Cup weeks, has gotten moving slowly. The pace is decidedly more drawn-out.

This year at the Olympics I'm rooming with Miha Plahutnik of Slovenia, one of the regular servicemen for the team. Miha and I worked together last year, so he's already familiar and the routine picked up easily. (that's Miha in the photo, in the athlete/staff dining area at the Nordic Center).

In addition to Miha and me, the service crew has Gianluca Marcolini (our lead serviceman) and Stefan Lichon. I've worked with all of the guys before and it feels comfortable in the wax cabin. For the most part, Stefan and I are testing glide waxes and Gianluca and Miha are working with grip concoctions and assisting the athletes with their ski selection tests. When it's time to roll up our sleeves and crunch through a lot of skis in the wax cabin, everyone pitches in and we work very smoothly and without much drama. Definitely no opera.

With the weather being quite variable, it has been inappropriate to try to get waxes exactly dialed-in too early. But we're testing daily and getting good information and we'll be ready to roll on Monday morning.

The first race is the 10k skate for the women. Everyone is healthy and fit and ready to race. Let's go!

p.s. Congratulations to the U.S. Nordic Combined crew on their great results today!


Scott W. said...

Hi Mark, I hope you can get out of the waxing cabin a bunch and see some fantastic skiing! Back here the TV coverage of Nordic has been way more than expected. Nordic Combined was fabulous, and they even showed the back of the field in the men's 15 km, though not quite enough to catch a glimpse of Roberto Carcelen! I feel so lucky to have skied those courses last year during the World Cup weekend--it really adds to the experience of watching the races. Best of luck to your sprinters today. --Scott W.

nancy said...

Glad you are there! Keep up the good work! Nancy B.